Various Levels/Skills

Terms and Conditions

The term fees are due in full, at time of booking, prior to lesson commencement.  At this stage we are only able to accept EFTPOS and direct credit into our bank account. Account Details: Aquajillie Ltd 06-0541-0237465-00


We apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We do not give refunds nor make-ups for missed lessons.  We will however, credit lessons for major sickness or injury during the current term with a doctors certificate. Jillyfish Swim School reserves the right to change, postpone or cancel classes at anytime for significant reason. Please note Covid 19 has changed the way we have to operate and cancelled classes may occur at short notice. Full communication will be given to those affected. We also reserve the right to make changes to class sizes or teacher at our discretion if necessary. As a parent you are responsible for supervision of your children before and after swimming lessons.  Also siblings attending a lesson, in and around the building. A parent/caregiver is required to be poolside for the duration of the participant’s lesson. Photos and videos may be taken, from time to time using digital equipment to record our swim school happenings. These will be primarily used for our staff training of teachers, however, pictures and videos may be taken and used for promotional purposes.  I give consent for my child to be included in this instance. When booking fees are for a full Term, refunds or credits are not given for part Term swimming.

Small class sizes
Preschool ratio 1:3
School age ratio 1:4
School age ratio Pool 2 1:5

25m Pool 1:5
25m Pool advance 1:6
$19.50 per lesson 
25 min classes

3 - 4 Parent assisted
4 - 5 Child on own
Clam - Confidence, submersion, assisted floating
Starfish - Unassisted floating, rotation, kicking
Jellyfish - dog paddle, kick & breathing, backstroke


Tadpoles - Submersion assisted floating
Frog - Unassisted floating, kicking rotation
Nemo - Freestyle/backstroke arms
Crocodile - Intro to freestyle breathing and breaststroke (kick only)

Preschool 3-5 Years
 School age 5 & up